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Meshblu is the core communication layer of our offering. It is a secure, cross-protocol scalable cloud-based system enabling communication between smart devices, sensors, cloud resources, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s, and any other IP based hardware device, non-IP based hardware device or software API.

Meshblu allows communication across disparate networks, protocols, and even other IoT platforms.


In the scenario above, a sensor can be emitting data via CoAP. That data could be simultaneously delivered to a Machine Learning algorithm subscribed via AMQP, a users smart phone over HTTP, and a bot connected through XMPP that is configured to automatically take action if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. The bot could send a message that would result in a webhook posting to the Temperature API. The user could also manually send the same message from their phone via HTTP that would result in a webhook to the Temperature API.

Each device in this scenario only needs to know how to send and receive Meshblu messages. They don't need to implement a special API for every consumer of the information, nor do they need to know anything about the Temperature API. More devices could be added to this scenario without having to alter the code of the other devices.

Device Directory

Meshblu provides a queriable device directory API for registering and discovering nodes on the Meshblu network. Meshblu also maintains presence for each device making it easy to know what is on/offline

Device Security

Meshblu issues a unique 36 character UUID and secret token for each device connecting to our network. These device "credentials" are required for authentication, API calls, and subscriptions. More Info


Meshblu provides near real-time messaging between devices. There are three distinct message types: broadcast, configure, message.